Championing the right to vote on Greeley’s water future


Save Greeley’s Water is a group of concerned citizens including engineers, scientists, water professionals, environmentalists and activists who are concerned with good government regarding the City of Greeley’s Water Policy, Planning and Management.

We are concerned with maintaining Greeley’s existing water system for the benefit of Greeley water customers. This water system includes our newly enlarged Bellvue Water Treatment Plant, new 60″ water distribution pipeline to Greeley, and the high mountain reservoirs, including Milton Seaman Reservoir.

Because of the immense value of Greeley’s diverse and robust portfolio of water rights we are particularly concerned with any major shifts in source, ownership, loss, or any other jeopardy to our water rights caused by the action of Greeley’s City Government Officials.


Greeley water customers have enjoyed and participated in the development of Greeley’s Poudre River pure mountain drinking water supply over the decades. We are alarmed at the possibility that this precious resource may be taken away from us in the near future and that we will be forced to drink uranium laced groundwater from the Terry Ranch aquifer.

Our mission is to change the City of Greeley Home Rule Charter by passing two Amendments to the Charter in the November 2021 election. Amendment 17-9 would require any proposed sale of the City of Greeley’s Water Rights or Facilities to go to a vote of the public. Amendment 17-10 would require a vote of the public before the City of Greeley could purchase and deliver groundwater or recycled wastewater through the City of Greeley’s Water System.

Cache la Poudre River

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