Please feel free to use this letter to send to mayor and council as is, or make what ever changes you feel are appropriate for your situation. Just please send a letter!

November 27, 2020

Honorable Mayor and Council,

I wish to express my dismay at an action taken by the City of Greeley Water & Sewer Board concerning the future quality of Greeley’s water.  As I understand it, Greeley may well undertake the pursuit of ground water for the majority of Greeley’s future drinking water supply.

As a Greeley water customer, this is most troubling.  Since we moved to Greeley, we have had the privilege of having the best drinking water in the country.  Greeley has some of the best and most numerous water rights in Northern Colorado.  I don’t understand why the city is now pursuing ground water with all the surface water rights that it owns.

Our family depends on having clean drinking water for our health.  Uranium is an undesirable element to have in drinking water even if it is naturally occurring.  There is no such thing as naturally occurring uranium in the human body.  I think that would be called a cancer risk.  Even if you attempt to completely remove the uranium,  you may not be successful and will decide to blend it with the Bellvue water.  The perception of uranium in the water will always be there, and we will worry about the health risk to our family.

I  implore you not to go down this path.  This will forever change the perception of the quality of Greeley’s water and hurt our family’s health and peace of mind.

Aside from the negative perception of the water, the increased cost of treatment may significantly impact our water bill, as well as require a point of use device on our home to remove remaining contaminants from our water.

I think that we should renew our efforts to obtain a permit to enlarge Milton Seaman Reservoir.  Greeley possesses adequate water rights to see us through the next decade or so until the Milton Seaman Enlargement Project can be built.

Please rethink the Water Board’s position and make the right decision for the citizens of Greeley and other Greeley water customers who depend on quality drinking water for their health and peace of mind.

Please vote no on the Terry Ranch/Wingfoot Plan.

Thank you.


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