Guest Column Submitted to the Greeley Tribune 10/24/21

SAVE GREELEY’S WATER By John and Mary Gauthiere The Save Greeley’s Water (SGW) movement actually started in 1986 when Greeley decided to sell its high mountain reservoirs to Thornton.  It just didn’t have a name yet.  Concerned Citizens started a Charter Amendment Petition Drive to bring any water sale to a vote.  Our lead person,Continue reading “Guest Column Submitted to the Greeley Tribune 10/24/21”

Refuting the City’s Website Claims on 2G and 2H

According to the City of Greeley’s website:  Charter Amendments 17-9 and 17-10 “would require the city to hold elections on water-related matters, putting operational questions on the ballot that must pass by a majority of all registered voters, regardless of voter turnout to the elections. The changes could delay or suspend long-term water leases, limitContinue reading “Refuting the City’s Website Claims on 2G and 2H”

Letter to the Editor Submission

By Anita McAllister – Greeley Taxpayer and Water Drinker City Propaganda The City of Greeley, or their “special interest group”, just spent over $10,000 on a mailer to every household in Greeley to get you to vote No on Ballot Questions 2G and 2H. City Officials called the citizens who worked hard to get theseContinue reading “Letter to the Editor Submission”

Setting the Ballot Titles

On August 31, 2021 the City Council set the ballot titles for the Charter Amendments. These titles are completely misleading in order to get the public to vote against them. The public was not allowed to comment at the meeting! You can read the full text of the Charter Amendments on the Resource page –Continue reading “Setting the Ballot Titles”