Who is the Special Interest Group?

During the November 2021 election campaign, Save Greeley’s Water was labeled by opponents as a Special Interest Group. Check out the Campaign Finance Reports for Citizens for Securing Greeley’s Charter Committee (cash contributions of about $100,000). This is the group that opposed the 2G and 2H Charter Amendments that would have given citizens a say in critical water issues. Then look at the Campaign Finance Reports for Citizens for City of Greeley Charter Amendments 17-9 and 17-10 (aka 2G and 2H): (no cash contributions, and non-cash contributions totaling about $1,200 in ads and printing).

You can determine for yourself who the special interest group was and is.

Make sure to look at the detail in the reports, but to break it out a bit for you:

From the amount of money they personally contributed, it appears that the Real Estate Community, the Akin Family, and the Greeley Water Board Members had a huge stake in the outcome of this election!

One thought on “Who is the Special Interest Group?

  1. With almost $100,000 contributed by the opposition it is no wonder it passed. Interesting that Wingfoot contributed $20,000, shows desperation. Now our water bills have been raised which they promised would not happen. Liars, liars, liars.

    Thanks for putting this together for us. Are you going to post this on Next Door??


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