Meetings with Council, etc.

John Gauthiere and Paul Wood had an active week. They met with 2 Councilmen. They spoke by phone to Tommy Butler and met in person with Ed Clark. Both are expressing their intention to vote for the Terry Ranch proposal at this point.

This coming week John and Paul have a face to face meeting with Councilman Michael Fitzsimmons and Mayor John Gates.

The Council vote will be in mid March. We all need to contact Council to express our opinion on keeping Greeley’s water the “best in the nation”. for emails and phone numbers.

We will be on a zoom meeting with Weld Air and Water on Monday night.

One thought on “Meetings with Council, etc.

  1. Please help us to stop this horrible plan to purchase water by drilling dozens and dozens of holes into a uranium laden aquifer on Terry Ranch. This is shameful and will harm Greeley Citizens for centuries to come.


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