Meetings with Council, etc.

John Gauthiere, Paul Wood and Bill Gillard had a good meeting with Mayor Gates yesterday. The Mayor was presented with much information that he promised he would read. He was very respectful of the citizens but did express that the Council needed to trust the Water Board.
John, Paul and Bill also met with Councilman Michael Fitzsimmons on Monday who was also very respectful and considerate and seemed like he would listen to reason. He also expressed that he would like to hear more on this issue.
Both men expressed that they did not understand the 200 page financial contract that the City of Greeley would be entering into in March. I guess I would just like to ask all the Council Members, if your personal finances were involved, would you sign this agreement?
John and I watched the Water Board meeting last night. It was interesting that when staff was talking about making changes to Greeley’s non potable system, they said that they would have to check with Wingfoot before any changes could be made. Since when has Greeley needed to check with another party, other than its own citizens, to make needed changes to our system?

John and Paul also participated in a Zoom meeting Monday night with Weld Air and Water. Councilman Tommy Butler was also in attendance. Weld Air and Water is very concerned with the proposed, and already approved, oil and gas activity at Terry Ranch in the vicinity of our future water supply.

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