Terry Ranch Aquifer Contamination Risk Map

This map is intended to give a sense of the potential aquifer contamination sources in the vicinity of the Terry Ranch aquifer. The potential for groundwater contamination is directly related to the intensity and type of land use above the aquifer or in the aquifer’s off-site recharge areas or upstream drainage areas such as the Meadow Spring Ranch or in Wyoming. Some of the potential aquifer contamination sources would include spills or leaks from oil, gas and mining operations, railway accidents and highway (I-25) accidents. The area contains many abandoned oil and gas well sites as well as approved and pending well sites which will be drilled in the future. Note the intensity of approved and pending horizontal well bores. Also note the Meadow Springs Ranch which is part of the recharge area for the Terry Ranch aquifer. The Meadow Springs Ranch is owned and utilized by the City of Fort Collins for disposal of their municipal sewage sludge.

Not shown on the map are potential sources of contamination from activities in Wyoming. For example, the upstream drainage area for Terry Ranch in Wyoming to the northwest includes groundwater contamination from Atlas D Missile Site 4 located in Laramie County. The groundwater at Atlas D Missile Site 4 is contaminated with trichloroethylene (TCE), a solvent used to clean defense equipment. The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers is aware of the TCE groundwater contamination. TCE is a known human carcinogen. The TCE groundwater contamination plume seems to be moving southeasterly toward Terry Ranch. We are currently investigating the TCE groundwater contamination issue and other issues yet to be investigated by the City of Greeley and its consultants. We will provide this information as soon as it becomes available.

The City of Greeley’s investigation of the area upstream of Terry Ranch in Wyoming seems to have escaped their pre-purchase diligence efforts.

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