Zoom Meeting Minutes

At Tuesday night’s zoom meeting the group learned from Adam Jokerst, W & S Deputy Director, that the City of Greeley has moved the final reading of the ordinance, which will allow the signing of the Wingfoot/Terry Ranch agreement, up by two weeks to March 2.
That does not give us much time to circulate our petitions, provided they are approved on Friday.
If the City Clerk approves circulating the petitions, John and I will be working hard this weekend to get the petition sections printed and distributed to all who are willing and able to participate in this most important endeavor! Please contact us to add your name to the list of circulators.
Also attending our meeting were some Sierra Club leaders who agree with us that the Terry Ranch deal poses great risk to Greeley citizens, both health wise and financially. With the short time period before the decision, they are not sure that they will be able to provide much assistance but they think we should really be working on the council since they are the ones making the decision.
John has just identified a new risk from Atlas D Missile Site 4 located in Laramie County, Wyoming. The groundwater at Atlas D Missile Site 4 is contaminated with trichloroethylene (TCE), a solvent used to clean defense equipment. The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers is aware of the TCE groundwater contamination. TCE is a known human carcinogen.The TCE groundwater contamination plume seems to be moving southwesterly toward Terry Ranch. The TCE has already contaminated drinking water wells for Cheyenne, Wyoming. If a contaminant, such as TCE should enter the aquifer, or an oil and gas pipeline or casing should break, Greeley’s entire investment in Terry Ranch could be lost. Why take that chance when we have such a clean and viable alternative?
We will keep you posted on the latest developments.

2 thoughts on “Zoom Meeting Minutes

  1. Absolutely astonishing that city council would even consider the possibility of intentionally harming its citizenry even though a healthier alternative is available. The cost of water is high in Greeley but it is safe NOW. How in good conscience they consider Terry Ranch and its negative potential. Citizens will pay more if the source is a good clean source. Perhaps if this is approved city council also ought to change our name to FLINT, Colorado.


  2. We have got to pass the word on this and be ready to sign the petition. Please everyone, keep contacting City Council Members. The one month collection of water samples in not a long enough time to see everything that is there. It needs to be done for an entire year to have an adequate sample.


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