Referendum Outcome

Yesterday we turned in 2,028 unverified signatures to the City Clerk in an attempt to repeal Ordinance No. 10, 2021 which would allow the City to accept water credits from Terry Ranch. We needed 2,192 good, verified signatures for repeal and to allow the ordinance to go to a vote of the public. It was not enough to repeal the ordinance, but it does show a considerable amount of concern among the citizens about their drinking water quality.

We only had about 3 weeks to collect signatures, and in the midst of that 3 weeks we had a major and unusual snowstorm. The weather was not our friend.

On March 23, we requested a 2 week extension of time due to Covid, explaining how the City staff, City Council, and Water Board are not meeting in public due to Covid. Even the downtown hotel owners were given a deferral of their $212,242 payment on their redevelopment agreement for 2021 due to Covid. But the City Clerk did not have the discretion to give the Citizens the same consideration.

So, I suppose that the City of Greeley will close on the Wingfoot/Terry Ranch deal as soon as possible.

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