We Still have Our Poudre River Water Supply…For Now


Thirty five years ago, Greeley attempted to sell its 5 high mountain reservoirs to Thornton. The City of Thornton offered $5.2 million paid out over 30 years at a low rate of interest. The value of these water rights today at the nominal rate of $34,000 per acre-foot is approximately $280 million. A more realistic value for these mountain water rights is $50,000 – $80,000 per acre foot or $412 million – $659 million.

In 1986 we had a real local newspaper that covered all of the City Council and Water & Sewer Board meetings and the public could actually attend them in person and take the floor and have input.

On March 2, 2021, the public hearing on Terry Ranch allowed about 15-20 speakers 2 minutes each at a zoom meeting to make their point. This is not a proper way to conduct public business.

The water from these reservoirs has kept Greeley in good stead water-wise all of these years. Maybe, sometimes, the citizens do know better than the Water Board, City Council and Staff!

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