SGW Letter to the Citizens of Greeley

Our Charter Change Amendments must be turned in to the City Clerk’s office on Monday, August 2 by 5:00 PM. If you would like to sign, we will be at the Farmer’s Market this Saturday morning 8:00 AM to Noon and at the Victory Outreach at 2626 11th Ave on Saturday from Noon to 3:00 PM. You may also come by 2157 Buena Vista Drive on Sunday between 9:00 AM and 1 PM to sign.

Don’t let this opportunity go by to keep Greeley’s water the Best in the Nation!

YOU can be a part of Greeley History!

One thought on “SGW Letter to the Citizens of Greeley

  1. The City Council essentially hid the Terry Ranch deal from Greeley Citizens for close to two years. We need more transparency in our local, state, and national government. This is one step toward taking some local control back and giving it to “We The People”.


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