We Have a Valid Petition

Today SGW turned in the petitions to amend the City Charter to require a vote of the people before the City can sell water rights or facilities, or bring in substandard water for us to drink.

We turned in over 4,200 signatures for each of the amendments. The required number of verified signatures is 3,101.

Now the City Clerk’s office will begin the verification process. We should know by late in the day August 23rd whether or not we have 3,101 verified signatures. If we do, the City Council will set ballot issues for the November ballot and we will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not to change the City Charter to require the people’s vote on critical water issues.

Stay tuned!

Below see photos of our trip to the City Clerk’s Office to deliver the petitions:

One thought on “We Have a Valid Petition

  1. Great job everyone! Save Greeley’s Water is exercising their 1st Amendment Constitutional rights as well as allowing thousands of others to exercise theirs.


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