Letter to the Editor Submission

By Anita McAllister – Greeley Taxpayer and Water Drinker

City Propaganda

The City of Greeley, or their “special interest group”, just spent over $10,000 on a mailer to every household in Greeley to get you to vote No on Ballot Questions 2G and 2H.

City Officials called the citizens who worked hard to get these Charter Amendments on the ballot a “special interest group”. What we actually are is a “special group of citizens” interested in keeping high quality water in our faucets, maintaining the fiscal sustainability of our city and the health of our families in the future.

Greeley Officials disrespected these Standup Citizens by putting Deceptive Titles on their Ballot Questions, in a last ditch effort to maintain their power. Water is power, especially in the West! After all, what do the citizens know about water? Who do they think they are anyway?

Well, it turns out that Greeley Officials turned over Greeley’s valuable water supply to Wingfoot, in the form of credits, to be sold to developers for $36,500/acre-foot (it’s worth $60K – 80K/acre-foot). Wingfoot is selling our accumulated water supply, including our drought supply, to developers for the promise of a very questionable water supply sometime in the future.

By the time Officials figure out that Terry Ranch is a Time Bomb that won’t work, or is too expensive, it will be too late. Our City Officials will have squandered the excellent water supply developed by W. D. Farr and the hard working engineers of past decades. Citizens would’ve made a better decision.

Greeley should be protecting its conditional decrees on the Poudre River and developing more surface water supplies while they are still available. Greeley also needs to withstand the enormous pressure from the Denver Metro Area for our water in order to maintain Greeley’s quality of life.

VOTE YES on 2G & 2H

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