Letter to Mayor and Council

Honorable Mayor & Council,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to you today.  Greeley citizens have enjoyed pure mountain drinking water for the last 100 years.  And now that may change.  I implore you to vote against the Terry Ranch/Wingfoot agreement that the Water Board has signed. 

My husband met with the city staff, consultants and Water & Sewer Board Chairman Harold Evans on November 17, and no one could provide satisfactory answers to his many questions.  He brought up issues that the consultants had not even addressed.  On questioning, Chairman Harold Evans even admitted that the City is intending to accommodate Thornton in our water system over the short term and, most likely, the long term.  Harold Evans had an attitude that the citizens didn’t count and that he had the Council’s vote.

It is apparent that the overriding reason that the Terry Ranch is being considered for our drinking water is not to benefit Greeley citizens.  It is for the City to make room in our newly improved Bellvue Water Treatment Plant and new 60″ Bellvue pipeline to accommodate the City of Thornton in getting its Water Supply and Storage water holdings south to Thornton. 

How disrespectful of Greeley citizens!  To make us drink uranium tainted water to accommodate Thornton!  And, by the way, it will also enrich the already rich Akin family, by selling an inferior water supply to Greeley.

I understand that Larimer County has denied Thornton access to build a pipeline.  But that is not our problem.  The citizens of Greeley are paying for the improvements to the pipeline and treatment plant and we should not be pushed out of our own water treatment and supply system.

We should maintain our friendship with our nearest neighbor, Fort Collins, with whom we share a common interest in developing and maintaining water storage on the North Fork of the Poudre River for the benefit of the environment and both cities.  The Milton Seaman Reservoir Enlargement Project is a very feasible project.  The City has not made a diligent effort to get a permit for many years.  That is why Fort Collins moved forward without Greeley in their effort to get the Halligan Enlargement Project permitted.  Greeley dropped the ball.

You may know that I have spoken out on Nextdoor about this issue and, to a person, no one is in favor of this deal.  They are all very confused as to why the City would do this to them.  They take it very personal.  They believe there is corruption in City Government.  I hope you can prove them wrong. 

I am attaching a letter that I wrote explaining who John Gauthiere is, and why he is so qualified to speak out on this topic.  I also invite you to go to our website savegreeleyswater.com for more information. 

I don’t believe you are getting a proper sense of what our mountain water means to Greeley citizens from the Greeley Water & Sewer Board and the Water Department staff.  They are approaching Terry Ranch as a business deal, but it is so much more to the citizens whom you have sworn to represent.  Water is the life blood of Greeley.  We will not give up our pure mountain drinking water without a fight!

Please vote no on the Terry Ranch/ Wingfoot deal.


Please feel free to use any information in the above letter to compose your own or copy and send as your own.

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