Circulate the Referendum and Charter Change Petitions

The referendum packets have been picked up from the City Clerk and are ready for circulation. We need in excess of about 2,500 signatures and we only have until April 1 to get them turned in.


If successful, this referendum will cause the ordinance which the City Council passed on March 2, which allows the water credits from Terry Ranch to be accepted for raw water dedication by the City, to be reconsidered by Council, and either repealed or go to a vote of the people.

A successful referendum will, at the least, delay the closing on the Terry Ranch deal and, if we prevail in the referendum election, will likely prevent it altogether…particularly, if we can also get the 7,000 to 8,000 signatures needed to cause an election (and prevail) to change the City Charter to not allow ground water purchases in the future without a vote of the public.

We may be doing a lot of voting this year to take back our basic rights, as citizens, to clean water!


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