Do It Yourself Government

If you want something done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself, right? We citizens seem to rail against our government; be it City, State, or Federal. It seems almost like a pastime. But, when you think about it, City government is the one closest to the people and that we can have the most impact on.

You may have seen a lot of petitioners out in the public square lately. There are individuals gathering signatures for three State initiatives (all worthy initiatives). There are also individuals gathering signatures for City initiatives to appear on the November, 2021 ballot if we can gather enough signatures. The State petitioners are paid per signature gathered.

The citizens gathering signatures for the City initiatives are NOT paid per signature. They are your fellow citizens who have volunteered their time to see that you, the citizens of Greeley, have an opportunity to vote on Greeley’s Critical Water Issues.

Please stop and say hello when you see them out volunteering their time to make our City better. Please sign the petitions and, better yet, join them in circulating the petitions.

We need 50 circulators to fill out 1 petition section each (50 signatures), to be assured of getting these initiatives on the November ballot. These initiatives concern Greeley’s water… our water. These initiatives would allow YOU to vote on whether you want decisions on Critical Water Issues to be made by our City officials or whether you would like a say in these decisions.

If the citizens vote to have a say in Greeley’s Critical Water Decisions, City officials would be required to have an appropriate, in depth conversation with YOU in presenting ideas regarding critical water issues for a vote of the public.

Please take up the cause and become a petition circulator! It is my guess that you could get 50 signatures by talking to your friends, colleagues or church groups. Or walk a couple of blocks in your neighborhood and talk to neighbors in the evening. We need these signatures ASAP, or before August 2.

If you would agree to circulate a petition, private message me or email me at and I will get you the petition packet and instructions.

You will be joining an elite group of concerned citizens who are standing up for their City and their fellow citizens!

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