Non Disclosure Agreements with Thornton

We have discovered some City Council and Water Board agenda items from May 2019 referring to City of Greeley non disclosure agreements on regional cooperation with Thornton to help them move their water through the City of Greeley’ water system to their Windsor pipeline. (The pertinent items are outlined in red.) That means the City wants to get some of Greeley citizens water demand out of the Poudre system. Therefore we will most likely be getting Terry Ranch ground water sooner rather than later.

This is part of the backstory to the Terry Ranch deal the City didn’t want to tell you about.

Our two Charter Change Amendment Petitions (Resource Page – Text of the Petitions) could put a kink in the City of Greeley’s and Thornton’s plans. These Amendments would give YOU, the Greeley voter, the right to vote on critical water decisions for our City. Please consider circulating the petitions to help us keep Greeley’s clean mountain drinking water for Greeley citizens.

You could be a part of Greeley history! Deadline is August 2.

3 thoughts on “Non Disclosure Agreements with Thornton

  1. The City Council apparently didn’t want Greeley Residents to know about the Terry Ranch project. Most people (approximately 90%) of the people I talk to are totally unaware of the water situation. I didn’t learn about it until January, 2021, and that was purely by chance. What else are they hiding from Greeley Residents?


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