City Clerk’s Office Certifies Charter Amendment Petitions

Our Charter Amendment Petitions have been certified as VALID and SUFFICIENT by the City Clerk!

The next step is for the City Council to set a ballot title for the proposed amendments at its next regular meeting. On November 2 the public will have an opportunity to vote in favor of these charter amendments which will allow you to have a say in Greeley’s and your family’s water future.

SGW would like to thank the following:

~The retail establishments who indulged our presence to petition for the citizens’ voices to be heard.

~Tony, a state petition circulator, who taught us the ropes.

~The citizens’ indulgence when we asked them time, after time, after time, after time, “Are you a registered Greeley voter?”

~The citizens who took the time to listen to us, to open their minds, to hear the truth, and to care about their family’s and their City’s health and future.

~All of our fellow citizens who prayed for our mission’s success.

~The wonderful employees at King Soopers 10th Street and their beautiful chrysanthemums that brightened those very warm days.

~The City Clerk’s helpful and cheerful attitude throughout this tedious process.

But, most of all, we are grateful to the amazing, determined volunteers who have worked so hard with us on this long journey. A journey that began on a cold February day, with a symbolic March on City Hall, and culminated today, 8-23-21, with the City Clerk’s Certification of our Petitions. We couldn’t have come this far without all of you. And you know who you are!

Thank you!!

Remember to Support Your Ballot Issues in November!

One thought on “City Clerk’s Office Certifies Charter Amendment Petitions

  1. Thank you Mary and John for all of your leadership, organization, encouragement and support. You guys are the best! Our mission continues…….


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