The Killing Blow

The Greeley City Council has set ballot titles for our Charter Amendments that take Misrepresentation and Lies to a whole other level, even for them.

At the link below you can read the ballot titles that the City has given our Charter Amendments. These ballot titles bear no resemblance to what was circulated and signed by the public. (You can read the actual Charter Amendments on our Resource Page). The ballot titles, as proposed by the City, are so bad that I would not vote for them if I did not know what the truth is. The City’s ballot titles do not represent what SGW spent the last year doing and what we presented to the citizens of Greeley, and what they put their signatures to. The public would be advised to hold their noses and vote YES on these amendments, knowing that the amendments, as circulated by SGW, are actually what you will be voting on, not the City’s ballot description of them. Such misrepresentation we have never seen in Greeley’s City Government before!

In the past, the ballot title was set by the party circulating the amendment. Not anymore. The City Council sets the ballot title and they do not want it to pass so this is what we get, a prejudicial title with incorrect outcomes for your consideration. And in the ballot titles assigned by the City, the City erroneously and deviously states that the charter amendments require expensive special elections. The City is incorrect. The City’s ballot title is like reading that blue book that explains the election ballot initiatives that give both sides of the story, so that you can understand what the outcome of your vote would be. The City put their blue book explanation in their incorrect ballot title. SGW’s side would be totally different, if you got a chance to read it. But you don’t get to vote on what we actually proposed. We will let you know what SGW thinks the outcome to the community of a YES vote on these amendments would be very soon.

The council will likely pass a resolution for the City Clerk to certify the ballot titles at a special meeting Tuesday August 31 at 6 PM at 1001 11th Ave, City Center South.

We can protest their decision, but it will be too late for the ballot in November. That seems to be their strategy!

WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please join us on Tuesday at the address above and bring friends and neighbors if you care about the quality of your water and your quality of life in Greeley. We plan to be there by 5 or 5:30. We need a huge showing to convince the Council to at least give us a chance to have the citizens voice heard on the real issues. Lots of media have been invited.

Please everyone, share this far and wide and come out to the meeting on Tuesday. WE NEED YOU!! With this community gathering we are attempting to stand up for our rights as citizens of Greeley, Colorado, and the United States of America. If citizens, with no other agenda than good quality water and a good quality of life, cannot affect our own city government and demand fairness, then I fear we have lost our country!

2 thoughts on “The Killing Blow

  1. Greeley water is the most high bills we have ever faced in our 67 years of married life!!! Do they need to fire everyone and start again with a new, responsible crew? This is simply terrible!! With the water shortage we have and will be facing, why is the city still watering areas and letting the water all stream into the street, not the grass? This is simply unacceptable!! We need new people running the water department!!!!!


    1. I agree. The Water Department leaders do not even live in Greeley. Please come to the meeting at 1001 11th Ave at 6PM tomorrow and let your voice be heard, or just exhibit a presence. We need you there and others also!


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